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The Classics 

Just Vanilla - A light and fluffy vanilla sponge, with a choice of buttercream or fondant icing in a colour and design of your choice

Rich chocolate - a rich chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream or fondant icing

Coconut - A delicate coconut sponge with a chocolate fondant icing

Raspberry Ripple - a raspberry and vanilla sponge with a white chocolate drizzle and white chocolate buttercream

Classic lemon - a light lemon sponge with a zesty lemon buttercream 

Almond - a delicious almond sponge with a simple white fondant icing

Peanut butter - a crunchy peanut butter sponge with a fondant topping 

Banana and cinnamon - a moist banana sponge topped with a butterscotch buttercream

Carrot - a classic carrot sponge with the traditional cream cheese frosting

Toffee pudding - a scrumptious sweet toffee sponge with a toffee sauce buttercream

White and dark marble - a vanilla and chocolate marbled sponge with a simple buttercream frosting or coloured fondant topping 

Choca mocha - a chocolate sponge, topped with a full bodied coffee buttercream

Mint choc chip - a chunky chocolate chip sponge with a delicately minted buttercream or a peppermint fondant

Chocolate orange - a moist chocolate sponge topped with a delicate orange buttercream

Jaffa - a vanilla sponge, filled with an orange marmalade and topped with a smooth chocolate fondant

Nice with spice - spiked with a balance of winter spices and topped with a light vanilla cream

Pina colada - a coconut and pineapple sponge with a whipped cream topping laced with a cheeky hint of malibu


Fill your cupcake!

You can choose to fill your cupcake. Whatever your sponge choice there will always be a delicious filling to suit and if not, I will always find one for you!!

Here are a few examples:


Chocolate, white chocolate, orange, mint, lemoncurd, toffee, vanilla, coffee, butterscotch, coconut


Fresh cream: vanilla, chocolate

Raspberry jam, strawberry jam, lemoncurd 







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  • "Thank you for a fantastic service, our cake was beautiful and by far exceeded our expectations!! We will definately be recommending you to all our friends!"
    Wonderful service from a wonderful caketier!!