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Supermarket bought vs personally made cakes

Posted by emma.newstead583 on October 4, 2012 at 4:10 AM

I must admit, as part of my cake research I have tried and tested shop bought birthday cakes and cupcakes from various supermarkets, and from an unbias opinion I have found them to be very sweet and particulary dry. The buttercream is also quite greasy and ungenerous all tell tale signs of an over manufactured line of the same cakes, processed over and over again to produce an attractive but non-personal and quite obviously shop bought poor immitation of the real deal. You could argue that they are value for money, coming in at about £10-£20 for an average sized occasion cake or shaped children's cake, which in comparison to a personally made cake is approximately £20 less.

Many of my customers have tried shop bought cakes in the past and have said that once you have had a home made and hand personalised cake made to order and to specifcation, you will never go back, despite the price difference. When I asked why this was, one lady divulged some inetersting feedback. 

She had found herself short of money, but had wanted to make her daughters birthday extra special as she was going to be 18. Looking around the shops, she had pondered over the normal cakes she would buy for ease and have never thought about buying a personalised cake. She had spent some time going around the supermarkets and soon came to realise that she knew what to expect from a shop-bought option, but this time she didn't want a uniform cake which anyone could have, she wanted a spectactular cake which would reflect her daughters character and hobbies, she had wanted more than a shop-bought cake could offer. I had done some cakes for a local florists who in turn had given my details to potential customers. Unbeknown to my customer, she had gone into the florists to deliver a letter which had been wrongly delivered to her address, as she waited to give it to the lady, she noticed my business card sitting on the counter. Picking it up and putting it in her bag, she left with some hope of a home made cake. Later that day, I had a phone call from her and the following day she came to my studio to have a chat about what she would like from her cake. We drew it all out and decided on flavours, colours, size, themes etc and came to our end product. She left feeling relieved and accomplished as I had taken on all the responsibility for design and delivery, so she could concentrate on her other arrangements.

She had chosen a pink and vanilla marbled sponge with chocolate buttercream and a pastal coloured cake in Cath Kidston style, it had icing writing on it and had handmade figurines of birds, birdcages and vine like flowers. She was also amazed that she could have such a cake at an affordable price. Her daughter is now 22 and she has used my services ever since for all her occasions and has vowed never to return to the 'crumbly pap' which is the supermarket cakes.

So I guess that anyone can have a supermarket bought cake, but for true value and that extra special touch, only those few who want to go the extra mile will be lucky enough to explore the world of real cake and craftsmanship guaranteed 'no going back' policy!!!

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  • "Thank you for a fantastic service, our cake was beautiful and by far exceeded our expectations!! We will definately be recommending you to all our friends!"
    Wonderful service from a wonderful caketier!!