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Posted by emma.newstead583 on June 11, 2012 at 4:55 PM

Its no secret that I love cake, its my flair, personality and love all mixed together and covered in fondant! However, I also make no secret of the fact that I can sometimes have a falling out with my cakes too, but that said my determination is such that I will never give up until my masterpieces are preened, poked and poised to perfection. Like an author needs his creative space and freedom to find the inner imagination and flow for words, a caketier (can I use that word?..anyway) is too as solitary and divinly creative, needing adequate time, space and freedom of 'thought,' space to envisage and to put art to fondant. When this creative disposition is having a day off, inspiration is needed and can be drawn from freedom of the mind ... think on that one!

As was the opening line from Orsino in Shakespears play Twelfth Night, "If music be the food of love, play on." But here I ask you to consider, would there really be any comparison between music and a full bodied and most waist busting chocolate cake to woo any woman? I suppose the answer would most definately be no, but music would have to do as I should imagine, most cheekily, that in those days perhaps my scrum yummy cakes were not so often put into practice. So I think I shall just stick with the good old classic quote "let them eat cake" and lots of it I say ... here here and horarr

My cake journey started I suppose from as young as I could remember, my mum would bake cakes and I knew early on in life that I had a love of ... well just all food! From about the age of 12, I found myself often insisting on making my own meals, pasta, rice whatever took my fancy and as my confidence grew so did my experimentation, some garlic here, onion there, curry powder, branston pickle and gurkins ... basically whenever and whatever I could eat I would!! I was always a good house guest as whatever was served up, I would always eat and even if it wasn't to my taste (which was rare) I would always try it and give critical opinion either way! So throughout my troublesome teens my recipes became more challenged and my inquisitive side ever more determined to conjur up something completely extraordinary. My mother on the other hand seemed to cook very beigh food, delicious all the same but much like a retro buffet, everything beigh with flashes of coloured veg every so often. In truth she had a very extensive catalogue of food knowledge, always put on hold while she tended to our every need. It wasn't until very recently that I have come to realise just how marvelous and knowledgeable she is with food, especially cake!

For some reason, during my culinary experimentation, I had never dared to delve into the world of cake. To me, as a young lady, always desperate to spend time out and about, cake seemed an endless process of mixing, lining tins, pre-heating ovens, cooking times then cooling times, then more beating of buttercream .... it just dragged on and on ....I certainly didnt have time to hang about for cake! I liked eating cake, and on the rare occasion that my mum made cakes, they were devoured in the space of minutes with my siblings and I fighting over the last crumbs! She always knew how to make the best banana loaf and I would often cut a thick wedge and cover it in kitchen towel ready to stash in my bedroom for future late night munching, greedy opportunism I appreciate, but well worth it. So as my love matured for the taste of cake so did my somewhat over indulgent enthusiasm!

So, one after one, my 4 children were born and year by year I lovingly made their birthday cakes (as my mother had done for me and my siblings). I started off very basic, simple cake with butter icing, even a penguin with one arm could have achieved the same results! However, I persevered and persisted on until one day my mother taught me how to fondant ice a cake and from there I have been gripped! My mind buzzing with a deep routed passion to learn everything (all in one day ... impossible). So over the years from piping to sugar veil and sugar roses to trade events and everything inbetween, I have enveloped everything I love into my love for cake! So without a secret hidden talent (as my mother before me clearly had) I will press forward feeding the nation cake and alongside me now, I will take my daughters hand and show her the way down the sugar coated path of everything cakey bakey. 

So my quote has to be this

"The art of a good bake, will find friends come flocking, some will be real and other fake, but no one will ever forget you for making a cake'"

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